Monday, June 20, 2016

June's Progress

I did it. I made all of my increases on Friday June 17th, and increased my squat by 5 more pounds today.
My totals are Deadlift - 195 lbs
                      Squat - 135 lbs
                      Bench - 75 lbs
For a grand total of 405 lbs.

I should be happy because my initial goals equaled 370 lbs. But I'm not happy with my bench. I want to be at 90 lbs by the Meet but with 25 days left to train I'm not sure if that is a reasonable goal.

Here is a graph of my progress for this month

because graphs are fun
I'm hoping to increase my bench to 80 lbs on Monday June 27th. 

All of my other lifts I am concentrating on form and reps. Which hopefully will mean by the meet, when I hit all my attempts my total will be around 420 lbs. 

Happy Lifting!!

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